Zombies are people too.

Posted February 06, 2008.

H O L Y .

C R A P .

Something extremely disturbing has happened. After an entire year, Corner Pocket has risen from the grave like some kind of sparkling messiah bearing candy pretty miniature unicorns. I don't know where to begin my story.

With the onset of college, I had to set aside CP for a while to get ready. And that eventually led into me starting my own business. Which led to me starting another once. And another one.

Not kidding, guys. @_@

I have literally spent every single moment of my free time over the past year working. Not surprisingly, I've found that I really enjoy having money. But I haven't ever felt quite like myself, and that's because I was denying myself my true passion.

Water polo.

Er. I mean, Corner Pocket. ;)

So, rest assured. CP is here to stay. I already have two more issues in the work just for this week. And I'm going to focus on spreading it to the masses. I used to get so discouraged because about ten people would read my comic.

But not anymore. I don't care what it takes. This is something I really care about, and I need to share it with the world. So, please, tell a friend about CP. Leave it on public computers. Get a tattoo of Jack riding a magical water buffalo into the sunset. The only way I can do this is with your help.

I love you guys so much. You've always supported me even through the hard times, and now I'm back.

For good.

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